The Journey Continues…27th Taraweeh 2018

And The Journey Continues…

Tonight’s taraweeh consists of the remaining Sûrahs of the final juz. May Allah give us the ability to continue in our worship of Him, not till the end of the recitation of the Quran, but till the end of our lives.

Sûrah Ad-Duhâ

Allah swears by the glorious morning light that He will always be by the Prophet’s side. Muhammad (s.a.w) is asked to show concern for the less fortunate and proclaim Allah’s bounties.

Sûrah Al-Inshirâh

In this Sûrah, Allah gives Prophet Muhammad hope and comfort in a time of great difficulty. Muhammad’s heart has been expanded by Allah (swt) and his position has been raised in this world and the next. The righteous man should remember that ‘after every difficulty there is relief.’

Sûrah At-Tîn

Man, who has been created ‘in the best of moulds’ can avoid falling to the level of “the lowest of the low” only by believing and doing good. This is the Judgement of Allah, ‘the wisest of Judges.’

Sûrah al-‘Alaq

The first five verses of this Sûrah make up the first Revelation by Allah to Prophet Muhammad. Man must proclaim (or read) Allah’s Message because it is He Who created man with a very lowly beginning and raised man’s position by teaching him knowledge. And be not of those who prevent a man’s right to pray but rather fall down in prostration.

Sûrah Al-Qadr

Indeed the revelation descended in the Night of Power (Lailat al-Qadr). It is better than a thousand months. Angels together with Archangel Jibrîl (Gabriel) descend with Divine Decrees of all types. ‘Peace! Until the rise of the dawn.’

Sûrah Al-Bayyinah

Once the clear truth has come to a person then what is their excuse for rejecting it? The simple teachings of Islam are to love Allah with a pure heart, to pray to Him sincerely, and to serve our fellowmen in charity and love. Following these teachings will earn one the pleasure of his Lord.

Sûrah Zilzâl

On the Day of Judgement the earth will tell its tale of people’s doings. Men will see the results of their deeds. Even the requital for an atom’s weight of good or evil will be seen.

 Sûrah Al-‘Adiyât

Allah swears that man is indeed ungrateful. He is tenacious in his love of wealth. Allah sees and knows all; therefore all that man harbours will be revealed on Judgement Day.

Sûrah Al-Qâri’ah

On the Day of Judgement the earth will be destroyed by a deafening noise. Then a Balance of Justice will be set up and all man’s deeds will be weighed thereon. Those whose scale is heavy (with goodness) will see it and those whose is light will see it.

Sûrah Takâthur

People’s great striving for piling up only worldly goods will end when they will die; but then they will learn the Truth too late to avoid Allah’s Punishment.

Sûrah Al-‘Asr

Through the ages it has been proven that “man is in loss, except those who believe, do good, join together in the teaching of Truth, and remain patient”.

Sûrah Al-Humazah

The scandal-mongers, backbiters and selfish hoarders of wealth are condemned. The Fire of Allah’s Wrath will burn right up to their hearts, thus shutting them out of the love and pity of their fellowmen.

Sûrah Al-Fîl

Do not be power-hungry or love the world’s resources too much. Allah can cause apparently harmless forces to defeat you. This was the case of Abrahâ who came with his powerful army of men and elephants to destroy the Ka’bah. An army of birds were sent, defeated the army with tiny stones and the Ka’bah remained protected.

Sûrah al-Quraish

Allah has given special protection to the Quraysh all year round. They, who are the custodians of the sacred Ka’bah should therefore be grateful to its Lord.

Sûrah Al-Mâ’ûn

People who do not serve Allah’s creation by feeding the poor, but rather push away the orphans harshly, and are “neglectful of their prayers” are hypocrites. Their actions are done only when they can impress people. They would not even want to the smallest of favours for their fellow man.

Sûrah Al-Kauthar

The Prophet has been blessed with abundance from Allah in both worlds. Therefore, “pray to Allah and sacrifice!” Those who make accusations against the Prophet will be cut off from any such abundance.

Sûrah Al-Kâfirûn

Men of Faith will hold onto their Faith. The rejecters will hold onto their wrong beliefs. Tell them to follow their way, and leave us alone. We will follow our Way too.

Sûrah An-Nasr

After Allah gives you Help and victory, praise Him and pray for your forgiveness. Allah is the one to whom we must turn in forgiveness.

Sûrah Lahab

Those who try to inflict physical pain on the Believers will suffer in their own way. They will suffer the pain of Allah’s Punishment. Thus was the case of  Prophet Muhammad’s notorious uncle, Abû Lahab, and his wife.

Sûrah Al-Ikhlâs

Allah is the One and Only. He is Everlasting and free from all needs. He has no father, mother, or children because He is Unique. There is none like Him.

Sûrah Al-Falaq

This Sûrah gives us the remedy for all superstitions and fears by teaching us to seek refuge in Allah from every kind of evil arising from outer nature and from dark and evil plotting and envy on the part of others.

Sûrah An-Nâs

This Sûrah tells us to trust in Allah, rather than man, as our sure Protector. It warns us especially against the secret whispers of evil within our own hearts.

 And may the journey continue…


s.w.t  – Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – (Allah) The Glorious, the Exalted

a.s – Alayhis Salam– (Prophets, pious ones) on whom be peace

s.a.w – SalAllahu alayhi Wa sallam – (Muhammad) on whom be peace


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