Tiny signs. Mighty Lessons. 16th Taraweeh 2017



Tiny Signs. Mighty Lessons.

Tonight’s Taraweeh consists of the last ¼  of juz 19 andall of juz 20.

The Sûrahs covered are nos. 27-29 An-Naml (The Ants),Al-Qasas (The Narration), and the first ½ of Al-‘Ankabût(The Spider).

Sûrah An-Naml (The Ants)

The Tiny Ant and The Mighty King

Allah s.w.t reminds us of the story of Moses and the burning bush. Allah blessed him with shining proofs that only the arrogant could deny.

And He blessed the Prophet King Solomon with the gift of understanding the speech of animals.  He rode with his army of jinn, men and birds ‘in order and ranks.’

On one expedition, he heard an ant warn others to move out of the way of the advancing army. Solomon smiled humbly and asked Allah to make him a thankful and righteous man.

Bilqees, Queen of Sheba ruled over a kingdom that engaged in sun-worship.

She was invited to his kingdom and she was reminded of the majestic signs of Allah that lay within Solomon’s palace. She submitted to the Lord of the Worlds became a Muslim.

Then we are given another short glimpse into the actions of the people of Prophet Salih, the Thamud.

Among them were a gang of 9 troublemakers who plotted an assassination attempt on Prophet Salih and his family.

However Allah thwarted their plot and destroyed the nation for its disbelief.

We are asked to consider a basic point,’Is Allah better or those you claim share His abilities?’ They can neither cause the growth of a tree, nor the flow of a river. Nor can they guide you on land or at sea.

And fear the Day of  when the Trumpet will be blown and everyone will be terrified except whom Allah wills.

Whosoever receives guidance from the Quran, receives it for his own good. And if one goes astray, tell him, O Muhammad s.a.w, ‘I am just a warner.’

Sûrah Al-Qasas (The Narrative)

Raising Moses

This surah discusses Revelation and its reception, but it also shows how an Apostle is prepared for his mission, even as an ordinary young man.

The story of Moses is related in detail and shows this point. Allah ‘bestowed on him wisdom and knowledge’ when he became a mature youth.

While he was yet a baby, Allah wanted to ‘make him one of (His) Apostles’.

In youth, he prayed to Allah for forgiveness and guidance. In his exile, he found support from his wife and family. When he preached, Allah (s.w.t) gave him strength.

In short, Allah’s Mercy rests with the Apostle from the time of his birth. Allah’s Message is rejected by people who are proud or haughty like Pharaoh.

Muhammad  was also given guidance before he attained Prophethood. His Message was also rejected by the proud Makkans.

Those who want comfort in the hereafter must repent, have faith, and do good; because to Allah belongs all mercy and truth.

Qarun was a man so wealthy that the keys to his treasures could not be lifted by groups of strong men.

Where Prophet Sulaiman became humbly grateful for his resources, Qarun acted arrogantly towards his people.

He was swallowed up by the very earth on which he had strutted and none of his wealth or entourage could save him from the anger of Allah.


Sûrah Al-Ankabût (The Spider)

Mighty Tests and The Humble Spider Web

Sûrah Al‘Ankabût is part of a series of sûrahs which begin with the letters Alif Lam Meem and deal with the doctrine of the final return of man to Allah.

Our faith will be tested, ‘and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false,’  just as He tested those before us.

Learn from the past.

Noah’s people remained stubborn for 9 centuries, Abraham’s people threatened to burn him alive.

Lot’s people not only rejected the Message but publicly defied him by doing wrong.

The ‘Ad and Thamûd abused their God given talents and Qârûn, Pharaoh and Hâmân were punished because of their pride.

Taking for your protector any being other than Allah is like having a spider’s house which is very beautiful and interesting, but very weak.

By disbelieving in Allah  you might find a little gratification. But this pleasure will be short lived and a detriment to your future.

In tonight’s taraweeh, may we reflect on even the tiniest of Allah’s signs.



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