Where Will Our Souls Be Tonight? 20th Taraweeh 2016


Soul’s Journey

Tonight’s Taraweeh consists of juz 24. The Surahs covered are nos 39-41: last half of Az-Zumar, Al Mu’min, also known as Al Ghafir, and Fussilat also known as Ha-Mim As-Sajdah.

Az Zumar (The Crowds)

Destiny of The Soul

41. ‘Indeed, We sent down to you the Book for the people in truth. So whoever is guided – it is for (the benefit of) his own soul; and whoever goes astray, strays to its detriment.’

‘Allah takes the souls at the time of their death’ and also temporarily takes the souls of those asleep.

53. Qul ya ibadi – Say,’O My servants..

Say, ‘O My servants who have transgressed against themselves (by sinning), do not give up on the Mercy of Allah. Indeed Allah forgives all sins…and repent to your Lord before the punishment comes upon you…’

67. Wa ma qadarullaha – And they have not appraised Allah…

‘And they have not appraised Allah with true appreciation, while the earth will be entirely within His grip on the Day of Resurrection and the skies will be folded in His right hand..and the earth will shine with the light of its Lord and the record (of deeds) will be placed…and every soul will be fully compensated (for) what it did.’

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Surah Ghafir (The Forgiver)/ Mu’min (The Believer)

Prayer of The Angels.

We now begin a series of seven surahs beginning with the letters Ha Mim.

7. Al ladheena yahmiloon al arsha   Those who bear the throne…

The angels, including the throne bearers, seek Allah’s forgiveness for the believers, ‘Our Lord…forgive those who have repented and followed your way… admit them to the eternal gardens…including the righteous from among their spouses and offspring…and protect them from the evil consequences (of their deeds)…’

And on the Day of Judgement the disbelievers will wonder if there is a way out.  They will be reminded that they disbelieved in the Oneness of Allah and believed that Allah has partners. Every soul will be treated with justice on that Day.

28. Wa qaala rajulun – And a man said..

Within Pharaoh’s family had lived a believing man who had been secretly practicing his faith. He now steps up to protect Moses from the death threats of Pharaoh with eloquence and confident persuasion. He says, ‘Do you kill a man (merely) because he says, “My Lord is Allah.” ’

He turns to the people and reminds them that they might be powerful today but they would have no protection if the Creator descended His punishment upon them. He fears that they will become like the perished nations of the past. This world is but a fleeting pleasure and the hereafter is our real home.

47. Wa idh yata haajjoona – And mention when they will argue ..

The weak will argue with the arrogant in the Fire complaining that ‘we were (only) your followers, so will you relieve us of a share of the Fire?’ And the arrogant will respond, ’Indeed all of us are in it. Indeed Allah has judged between His servants.’

Surah Fussilat (Detailed Verses) or Ha Mim Sajdah

Conversing with the Angels

15.Fa amma ‘Ad-un – As for ‘Ad

The community of Ad considered themselves invincible, so Allah sent on them a humiliating windstorm that cut them down to size.

Likewise the Thamud were punished for they preferred blindness over guidance, so  Allah sent down a thunderbolt.

And the disbelievers’ hearing, eyes and skin will testify against them. They will ask, ‘Why have you testified against us?’ They will say they were commanded to. They assumed that Allah does not know much of what they do. ‘(This assumption) has brought you to ruin and you have become amongst the losers.’

30. Innal ladheena qaloo – Indeed those who have said

‘Indeed those who have said, Our Lord is Allah and stayed on the right path – the angels will descend upon them (saying), Do not fear nor grieve, but receive the good tidings of Paradise, which you were promised. We (angels) were your allies in the worldly life and (are so) in the Hereafter. And you will have whatever your souls desire and whatever you wish for.’

In tonight’s taraweeh where will our souls be?



s.w.t  – Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – (Allah) The Glorious, the Exalted

a.s – Alayhis Salam– (Prophets, pious ones) on whom be peace

s.a.w – SalAllahu alayhi Wa sallam – (Muhammad) on whom be peace


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