21st Night of Ramadan 2014


Witness Protection

Tonight’s Taraweeh consists of Juz 25 and surahs no. 41-45. They are the end of Fussilat, all of Ash-Shura, Az-Zukhruf, Ad- Dukhan and Al Jathiyah.

Ash-Shura (Consultation)

The Ultimate Protector

‘To Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth…the heavens are almost rent asunder from above them (by His Glory)’

‘And those who take as protectors others beside Him, Allah is watching over them.’ Trust in Allah as your ultimate Protector and source of safety.

:12 To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth: He enlarges and restricts the sustenance to whom He wills, for He knows full well all things. The same religion has He established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah…Abraham, Moses and Jesus: namely you should remain steadfast in religion and be not divided therein…’

The believers have many special qualities including their avoidance of the major sins, the ability to forgive even when they are angry and their capacity to consult others (Shura) when making decisons.

:19  Allah takes care of His creation and sends down rain even after men have given up all hope, and scatters His Mercy far and wide

:44 But on the Day of Judgement those who have gone astray will have no Protector at all

Az Zukhruf (Gold Adornments)

All that Glitters

In this surah we come across a very familiar prayer, the ‘car du’a.’  ‘Exalted is He who has provided this (ride) for our use and we could never have accomplished it ourselves and to our Lord we must surely turn back.’

‘Yet there are still those who ascribe power to other than Allah. Some attribute daughters to Him or claim that the angels are female and yet,’when news is brought to one of them of (the birth of a daughter)…his face darkens and is filled with inward grief!’

:31 Also they say why is not the Quran sent down on to a grander, more highly ranked leader in Makkah or Ta’if. “But the Mercy of your Lord is better than your collections of wealth. ‘And had it not been that people might turn to disbelief, Allah would have provided homes with roofs and staircases of silver and golden adornments (Zukhruf).

:52 Like the Makkans, Pharoah could not fathom Prophethood being bestowed on an ordinary man of the people,’ Why are not gold bracelets bestowed on him and angels do not accompany him in procession?’

:68 The life of the believers in Paradise will be much grander than anything imaginable in this world. They will have peace of mind: no fear, nor sorrow. ‘To them will be pass around dishes and goblets of gold, there will be all that the soul could desire, all tha the eyes could delight in.’

‘So leave (the disbelievers) to babble and play until they meet that Day of theirs which they have been promised.’

Ad Dukhan (The Smoke)

Will the Earth Weep for You?

The Quran was sent down during a blessed night and ‘in that (night) is made distinct every affair of wisdom.

:25 Allah the All Wise recounts the incident of Pharoah and his forces being destroyed in their pursuit of the Believers,’How many were the gardens and springs left behind. And cornfields, grand buildings and wealth in which they indulged.. Thus (was their end)..and neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them.’

:38 And Allah did not create the heavens nor the earth nor everything in between merely for sport. We created them only for just ends, but most do not understand.

Al Jathiyah (The Kneeling Down)

Hour of Need

‘Do you see such a one who takes his desires as a god. (Knowing him as such) Allah has left him astray.’

And the Day of Judgement will be a humbling moment, ‘and you will see every sect bowing the knee (Jathiyah).’

‘And when it was said that the promise of Allah was true and the Hour – there was no doubt about it, you (Disbelievers) used to say ‘We know not what is The Hour: we only think it is an idea, and we have no firm assurance…it will …be said: This Day  We will forget you as you forgot the meeting of this Day of yours!’

May we be counted amongst those  in the Protecting care of our Lord – Ameen


s.w.t  – Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – (Allah) The Glorious, the Exalted

a.s – Alayhis Salam– (Prophets, pious ones) on whom be peace

s.a.w – SalAllahu alayhi Wa sallam – (Muhammad) on whom be peace


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