4th Night of Ramadan

Friday (according to North American local moonsighting 2013)

 Justice & The Family of Man:

Scales Balanced in this World, Heavy in the Next

Tonight’s Taraweeh summary consists  of the last quarter of juz 4 to the end of juz 5. The Sûrah covered is the first three-quarters of Al-Nisâ’ (The Women) verses 1-147

Sûrah Al-Nisâ’ deals with the social problems which Muslims had to face immediately after the Battle of Uhud (which we read about in the previous chapter).

Broadly speaking, this Sûrah can be divided into:

(1) family life, the rights of women & orphans. Laws dealing with inheritance & family rights generally are also discussed;

(2) regulations for the larger family i.e. the community at Madîna both Muslim and non Muslim.

The Sûrah opens with the verse mentioned in many marriage sermons. It is an appeal to mankind to be mindful of our Lord who is watching how we uphold human relationships.  Women & orphans have  rights that must be fulfilled with justice. The sexes must honour each other.  Laws of Inheritance show that  justice and kind words should extend to the distribution of the wealth of our family members. In short, be mindful of our Lord’s commands at all times – while our family members are alive, and when they are no longer with us.

Before Islam, women were not allowed to inherit, here they are given the right to inherit. Guidelines for a stable marriage are prescribed: Live with them on a footing “of kindness”. Be forbearing.  “If you take a dislike to them it may be that you dislike a thing while Allah (SWT) wishes to bring a lot of good through it.” A husband is to provide for the wife’s finances and they are to protect each other’s chastity, reputation and property.

Now the larger family is discussed.

‘The family of the Prophet Abraham (A.S) were given scripture and wisdom and a great kingdom.’ Unfortunately some abandoned Abraham’s legacy for disobedience and superstitious practices.  The hypocrites are also warned. The rewards of this life are short-lived ‘and the Hereafter is better for he who fears Allah’. The Muslims must be prepared to defend themselves. But follow the appropriate rules of engagement and compensation.

Do not live in places where you find difficulty practicing Islam, if you are able to migrate then Allah (SWT)’s earth is very spacious. Shorten your prayers in times of danger & on journeys.  Any sin can be forgiven if Allah wills but Allah (SWT) does not forgive  joining partners with Him.   Whoever does good, male or female, will not be wronged in the least. Justice must be practised, even if the eventual verdict is against yourselves. Have firm faith consistent with the legacy of Abraham. And be not like the hypocrites, who are the worst of people, they pray lazily, to show off, hardly remembering Allah (SWT)

May our scales of justice help our scales in the next life. Let us reflect on this during tonight’s Taraweeh.


S.W.T Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – (Allah) The Glorious, the Exalted

A.S. Alayhis salam – Peace be upon him


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