18th Night of Ramadan

Monday (According to North American local moonsighting 2012)

Household of Worship

Tonight’s Taraweeh consists of  Juz 22.

The Sûrahs covered are nos 33-36: the final 2/3 of Al-Ahzâb (The Confederates), Saba’ (The Tribe of Saba), Fâtir (The Originator of Creation) and a small section of Yâsîn.

Today’s summary will include keywords in italics at the beginning of each section, where possible, to help you stay anchored hopefully to the recitation during the prayer, God willing – In sha Allah. Let me know if this system helps.


Sûrah Al-Ahzâb (The Confederates)- contd.

The Mothers of the Believers

‘Ya Nisaa An Nabi’ – O Wives of the Prophet

Allah the Almighty addresses the wives of the Prophet s.a.w directly here. ‘You are not like other women.’ If you commit  immorality, your punishment will be double. While if you do righteousness you will get twice the reward. Be honourable in your speech, abide in your homes and do not parade yourselves like those of the pagan era. Establish a life of prayer, charity and worship. Allah wishes purity for the exemplary community that is the Prophet’s household.

‘Innal Muslimeena wal Muslimaat’ – Indeed the believing men and the believing women…

This ayah was revealed in direct response to Umm Salamah’s question to her husband, the Prophet s.a.w,’Why is it that we (women) are not mentioned in the Quran as men are?’ Then this ayah was revealed by Allah to detail the spiritual equality of men and women.

Fa lamma qada Zaydun minha – so when Zayd dissolved (the marriage) with her…

Allah reminds the Prophet specifically and the Believers in general of the marital relationships that are permissible. So do not fear the people as in the case where Allah commanded the Prophet to marry Zaynab, the divorced wife of his adopted son, Zayd ibn Harithah. This was commanded to show the permissibility of such marriages.

‘InnAllaha wa Malaaikatahu yusalloona alan Nabi’ – Indeed Allah confers blessings upon the Prophet and the angels (ask Him to do so)…

Previously Allah mentions how He confers blessings upon the Believers and the Prophet. Now we are commanded to do the same for the Prophet, ‘O you who believe ask to send blessings on him and salute him with all respect.’

‘Ya ayyuhan Nabi’ – O Prophet…

Allah commands the Prophet to tell his family and the believing women to display their faith by wearing an outer garment when out in public.

‘Ya laytana’ – If only…

There will come a time where  the disbelievers will see the error of their ways, saying, ‘If only we had obeyed Allah and the Messenger,’ but instead, ‘we followed our masters and dignitaries and they led us astray.’  Their excuse of having been swayed by people of high status will not be acceptable in the sight of Allah.


Sûrah Saba’

Power Does Not Make Man Immune or Immortal

‘Wa laqad aatayna Dawud’ – And We bestowed on David…

Allah the Almighty has absolute power and He may choose to bestow temporary gifts upon His creation, that are nothing in comparison to Him. David and Solomon were blessed with qualities of knowledge and power for the cause of the Truth. But all glories of the earth must perish. King Solomon’s death was unknown to his mighty empire until a humble termite gnawed through the staff that had been holding him upright.

‘Laqad kana li Saba’-in…ayah’ – There was for (the tribe of) Saba…a sign 

Happiness and great wealth were also the domain of the people of Saba as long as they obeyed Allah. But once ‘they turned away’ from Allah’s Guidance, He punished them with their own resource. He ‘sent the flood from the dams (which were theirs) against them.’ Ultimately the fruits and crops of their deeds and lands became bitter and stunted.

‘Wa qaloo nahnu aktharu amwala’ – And they said, ‘we are superior  in wealth…

Having great wealth or power neither gives you immunity against Allah’s punishment nor greater access to His pleasure.’Those who believe and do good deeds- these are the ones for whom there is a multiplied reward’ in the Hereafter, says Allah.

‘Inna ajri ill ‘alAllah’ – My reward is only due from Allah

Sincere men of Allah will keep trying their best to make the disbelievers understand that they are not in it for the personal gain or prestige. What they seek is their reward from Allah.


Sûrah Fâtir (The Originator of Creation)

Seek Your Prestige With Allah

‘Alhamdulillah Fatiris Samawati wal Ardi’ – All praise is due to Allah the Originator of the skies and the earth

Allah created every aspect of the universe including the angels: magnificent and obedient messengers with wings.

Be on guard for shaytan satan and his plots. Do not be deceived by his evil and thereby reject Allah. The rejecters of Allah will suffer a severe penalty.

‘And whoever desires honour then to Allah belongs all honour.’

‘Ya ayyuhan Nasu antum al fuqara’ – O mankind you are in need

We are ‘in need of Allah, but He is free of all wants.’

Alam Tara’ – Do you not see?

Observe the subtle differences in creation. As men and other creatures have been created ‘of various shades of colour’, so there are different grades in the spiritual world. Only the people of knowledge are those who ‘truly fear Allah.’

‘Wa qaalu alhamdulillah’ – And they will say all Praise to Allah

These are the words of the believers in Paradise who thank Allah for a home that is free of sorrow, fatigue, and stress.

Ya Sin: To be summarized tomorrow.


May we reflect on the character of the household of the Prophet and the true nature of prestige   



s.w.t  – Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – (Allah) The Glorious, the Exalted

a.s – Alayhis Salam– (Prophets, pious ones) on whom be peace

s.a.w – SalAllahu alayhi Wa sallam – (Muhammad) on whom be peace


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