12th Night of Ramadan

Tuesday (According to North American local moonsighting 2012)


Sacred Journeys of Man

Tonight’s Taraweeh consists of the last ¼  of juz 14 & the whole of juz 15. The Sûrahs covered are ½ of An-Nahl (The Bee), Banî Isrâ’îl (The Children of Israel) & ¾  of Al- Kahf (The Cave).

Sûrah An-Nahl (The Bee) contd.

Profit & Loss

Allah Almighty reminds us not to compromise our religion for  mere worldly profit. ‘Indeed whatever you have will end but what Allah has is more enduring…whoever does righteousness, male or female, as a Believer – We will surely cause him to live a good life.’ And on the Day of Judgement every soul will come pleading for itself and every soul will be fully compensated for what it did and they will not be treated unjustly.

And remember when the safe and secure city (Makkah) denied the favours of Allah. So Allah made it taste famine and fear due to its rejection of the Messenger s.a.w . We are reminded to eat the lawful and good food that Allah has provided us, ‘be grateful for the favour of Allah, if it is (indeed) Him that you worship.’

Use wisdom and good instruction when inviting people to the way of your Lord. Indeed Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are doers of good.

Sûrah Banî Isrâ’îl

Prophetic Journey

The main theme of the next four Sûrahs is the spiritual history of individuals rather than nations.

The Sûrah begins with the Mi’râj (Ascension of Muhammad s.a.w). He was transported from the Sacred Mosque of Makkah to the Farthest Mosque (of Jerusalem) and shown some of the Signs of Allah (swt). Rasulullah (s.a.w) gained the honour of seeing great mysteries. These are related in the Qur’ân to make Allah’s Signs clear to men & to guide them.

Allah say,’If you do well, you do well for yourselves.’  The reverse applies for doing Evil. Allah (swt) bestows His favours freely on all, more on some than on others, but the gifts of the Hereafter are greater in excellence.

Love and serve Allah’s creatures if you want to serve Allah (swt) well: our parents; kinsmen, the needy & wayfarers. Even a word of kindness is charity. Do not kill your children out of fear of need, nor come near to adultery, nor take life – which Allah has made holy – except for a just cause. Do not go near the orphan’s property. Be just in your measuring and weighing and do not walk proudly on the earth.

Say only these things that are good because (otherwise) Satan sows disunity among the people. Hope for His Mercy (but) fear His Anger. Man was honoured above much of Allah’s Creation, & has great responsibilities. Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad that indeed they (the Makkan polytheists) were about to evict him from the land. But Allah promises that they will  remain there only for a little while longer.

The Qur’ân is a healing & a mercy to the Believers, full of diverse examples. It has been divided up into parts and revealed gradually. Indeed those who knew the scripture of old  fall humbly into tearful prostration upon hearing the words of the Qur’ân.

Sûrah Al-Kahf (The Cave)

Worldly Migrations. Heavenly Destination.

The Qur’ân has been sent down as a warning and bearer of good news. This planet is to test which of us is best in deed.

Consider the story of the young Believers who were fleeing from a cruel leader.They asked Allah for Mercy & prayed to Him to ease their problems. They received refuge in a cave where they lay asleep for many years.  Once they awoke they asked one another, ‘How long have we stayed here?’  Someone speculated,'(Perhaps) a day, or part of a day’. Eventually they all agreed, ‘Allah knows best how long we stayed here’.  The incident shows us that the life of the Companions of the Cave is a mystery that can be understood by only a few. Man’s knowledge is uncertain. Only Allah is the All-Knower; therefore, learn from the Qur’ân.

Allah tells us the story of the man who was obsessed with his rich and abundant lands. His arrogant beliefs made him feel almost invulnerable.  So Allah destroyed this property to make the man realise the Truth. This life is as uncertain and variable as rain-water which falls on the ground but soon vanishes. Good deeds are best as rewards & foundations for our hopes.


s.w.t  – Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – (Allah) The Glorious, the Exalted

a.s – Alayhis Salam– (Prophets, pious ones) on whom be peace

s.a.w – SalAllahu alayhi Wa sallam – (Muhammad) on whom be peace


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